Saturday, September 10, 2016

Miniature Tape and Tape Dispenser DIY (actually works!) - School Supplies - YolandaMeow♡

Enjoy learning how to make a Miniature Tape and a mini Tape Dispenser DIY that actually works! ♡♡♡ I find it so kawaii, cute, tiny.....!!! ^_^ ♡♡ Complete your miniature School Supplies collection with it!! :-D ♡ ( And Learn how to make other miniature School Supplies or Art Supplies ~ Back to School here: )

(Please, ask an adult for help and supervision when making it!)

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♡ Tips:

- The blue material is craft foam.
- You can make it bigger or smaller as you like.
- Be creative and.... remember you can choose the color you prefer! :-))) ♡♡♡
- You can use it as a gift for your family and friends! ♡

♡ Download the printable of this vídeo here:

Hope you like and enjoy it!!! ^_^ ♡


  1. Your'e doing a beautiful thing!Please tell me that what is the glue?

  2. Hi from were u r getting that printed things example for making tap u used that printed things for making the side.I search every were but I didn't get it
    Pls sat.

  3. This looks like you could make it from a foam tray such as what meats and veggies are often packaged. How thick is the craft foam you used?