Saturday, July 2, 2016

Miniature syringe (actually works!) DIY - Doctor Set - YolandaMeow♡

Enjoy learning how to make a miniature sirynge DIY that actually works! and a mini tray so you can fill it.... It works like real ones! ^_^ Complete your miniature collection about Doctor Set with this extremely realistic, cute and kawaii syringe!! ♡♡♡ :-D

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♡ Tips:

- I use instant glue to stick the needle.
- The black circle is made of craft foam.
- I use a permanent marker to draw the lines.
- if you want your miniature syringe work properly, make sure that the space between the black circle and the needle is fully hermetic and that has no air inlet into that space (except for the needle hole), so it will act as a "suction cup" with liquids.

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Hope you like and enjoy it! ^_^ ♡♡♡

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