Saturday, July 30, 2016

Miniature edible Ice Cream or Popsicle DIY (actually works!) - YolandaMeow♡

Enjoy learning how to make a miniature edible Ice Cream or Popsicle DIY that actually works with a miniature Ice Cream or Popsicle mold!! It`s really yummy and with only natural ingredients! ^_^ ♡♡♡  (Learn how to make more miniature food and kitchen items here:  )

(Please, ask an adult for help and supervision when making it!)

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♡ Tips:

- The blue thing is craft foam.
- Use glue only in the outside part and never in the inner part!... and of course, you must wait until is completely dry.
- To get your mini ice creams or popsicles out of their molds, you must put them just a few seconds under the tap, (immediately after taking them from your fridge)... The same way used with real ice cream or popsicle molds!! :-)
- Use them to make a yummy and delicious gift to your family and friends!! ♡ ^_^
- They melt fast so you only have one second to eat it or give it to your family, friends,.... or dolls!!! ;-) :-PP .... (it`s really fun! hehe)

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Hope you like and enjoy it! ^_^ ♡

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