Thursday, April 7, 2016

DIY Miniature vanity mirror (rotating!) - How to make it! - Tutorial - YolandaMeow♡

Enjoy learning how to make a miniature vanity mirror or makeup mirror easily, to play with dolls, decorate a dollhouse, a shelf, a desk, make a gift,... or just because you like and love miniatures! It can be rotated as real ones! :-)) ♡♡♡

(Ask an adult for help and supervision when making it.)

♡ Learn how to make all makeup miniatures that appear in this vídeo here:

♡ Tips:
- Use only "soft" empty bottles (easy to cut).
- It`s better and safer to cut the bottle with "scissors".
- Use larger or smaller bottles to make your rotating makeup mirror as big/small as you need or prefer.

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Hope you like and enjoy it! :-))) ♡


  1. Olá Yolanda. ..qual é o material desse espelho? Vc tirou um adesivo. Isso é espelho ou um tipo de papel espelhado?

  2. como imprimir las planillas no encuentro donde esta porque quiero imprimir y no encuentro donde esta