Friday, March 18, 2016

Miniature kawaii crayons (actually work) and box tutorial DIY ♡

Learn how to make miniature doll kawaii crayons that actually work and can paint and a box to keep them inside. They are very easy to make and extremely cute!! ^_^ ❤❤ :-))  ( And if you don`t have mechanical pencil leads at home, then you should watch this other tutorial/vídeo, to learn how to make pencil and colourful crayons without them: )
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Download the printable of this vídeo here:

Hope you like and enjoy it! :-) ♡


  1. Merci beaucoup pour vos tutos et votre générosité .
    Bien amicalement !

  2. you have to download on to pc and print

  3. this is really cute! cant wait to make them b/c i got color pencil leads!!!

  4. el pdf me pide password! :( no puedo abirlo para imprimirlo!

  5. como hago para que salga la plantilla de los cuviertos

  6. love youuuu love ur ideas!!! u are a genius my friends said how did you did it and i did not tell them about this LOL ;)