Saturday, December 26, 2015

Miniature doll lip balm & blush DIY - Tutorial

Enjoy learning how to make a mini lip balm & blush to play with your dolls, to decorate a dollhouse, for fun... or just because you like it! ❤ (Look down for more details and some tips)

Please, ask an adult for help and supervision when making it.


- I used a thin glue stick, but you can also use a much thicker glue stick, if you want a bigger one.
- When you`re making the holes, the temperature of your glue gun should not be high, just a little, enough to melt the square of glue (if the temperature is high, it will make a hole too large and will break the rest of the little square). So since your gun is turned on, use it almost from the begining, when it just starts to melt.
- If you don`t get a good result at first, just make more tries until you are satisfied with it! (just remember your glue gun should never get a high temperature to make the holes, so you could have to turn it off for a while)
- You can also fill the holes with real lip balm / blush if you want.
- Be creative and colour them in so many tones as you like and can imagine!

Hope you like and enjoy it! ❤

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