Saturday, December 5, 2015

How to make a doll Christmas stocking and candy cane DIY Tutorial

 Learn how to make a mini doll Christmas stocking and candy cane to decorate your doll christmas tree or a mini chimney! (Look down for more details and some tips) ❤

❤ Learn also How to make the Christmas tree of this video here:

(Ask an adult for help and supervision when making it)


- I used an organic cotton round cosmetic pad to make the stockings.
- When coloring the stockings, I used specific fabric colors, but I gess you can also use other different types of paint.
- I used clear school glue to both glue the stocking by its edges and to shape the green pipe cleaners as if they were tiny tree branches.
- Make the stockings bigger or smaller, as you prefer.
- Take also into account that you can color your stockings and candy canes as you like better (in red, green, blue...)

Download the printable here  / All printables are for personal use only::

Hope you like and enjoy them! ❤

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