Friday, November 13, 2015

How to make a miniature doll blush (that opens/closes) & a blush brush DIY - Tutorial

Learn how to make a mini blush that opens and closes, and a mini blush brush to play with your dolls, to decorate a dollhouse, just for fun... or because you like miniatures! ❤ (Look down for some tips)

Ask an adult for help and supervision when making it.


- When cutting the glue stick to make the blush, you should leave uncut an area large enough so that you can open and close it without breaking it.
- Some brands of nail polish can corrode a little the area where the blush opens and closes and break it, so if it happens to you, just paint it with a permanent marker or any other type of paint instead of using nail polish to paint it.
- I used a little piece of red and pink paper to make the powder, but you can also just paint it.

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Hope you like and enjoy it! ❤


  1. this one was my favite and you should make a make up box to pit them in.

  2. i don't have hotglue,instead of it what can i use?

  3. can you make another video without using hotglue???