Thursday, October 15, 2015

Miniature doll cocoa or chocolate powder plastic jar DIY tutorial

Enjoy creating mini cocoa or chocolate powder plastic jars with real cocoa or chocolate powder inside to play with your dolls, to decorate a dollhouse, just for fun... or because you like miniatures! This cocoa or chocolate powder is 100% pure and organic, with no sugar, no additives, no artificial sweeteners,... because I prefer healthy food with natural ingredients!! ❤

Please, ask an adult for help when making it.


- You can also use this plastic jar or container to keep other types of food or objects.
- Use markers of different colours to make plastic jars or containers in different colours or even mix the colours of their lids.
- Use smaller markers to make smaller plastic jars or containers (to play with smaller dolls, to decorate smaller dollhouses or just because you prefer them to be smaller! )
- Reuse the same marker to make more than one jar or container (at least two or even three!)
-You can also use this method to make doll cups, mugs,... of diifferent sizes.

To watch more miniatures, visit the channel:

Hope you like and enjoy it! ❤

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