Thursday, September 10, 2015

Miniature doll round ice cube tray and round ice cubes DIY tutorial

Learn how to make these mini round ice cube trays with tiny round ice cubes inside to play with your dolls or just for fun!

Please, ask an adult for help and supervision when making it.


- Don`t make holes very close.
- When making the round ice cubes, glue should not be at high temperature, because it can deform the tray with the heat.
- The glue gun must be at the correct temperature, so before making the holes you should make a test on a small piece of plastic just to ensure it`s at the rigth temperature (and not too high)
- Only paint the bottom of the tray and with two layers.

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Hope you like and enjoy it! ❤


  1. O.K. This is probably one of the cutest minis ever!!! You are so cool! Thank you so much! Ahhh!! I cannot even tell you how excited I am to see your next tut! Then I need to get started making all this beautiful stuff. ( I've been paralyzed 1 finger & partial on left hand & crippling disease that makes it hard to do anything anymore-had to close cake shop after 40 years) But you make me miss creating so much and make it look so easy that I want to create a little community for my granddaughter. Thank you for helping me. I will be continually watching your tuts for help.If you could, will you try writing instructions on some of your pdf downloads? Along with the pictures or draw dimensions for the items. Your AWESOME!!!