Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Miniature doll pencil & crayons (really write) tutorial - School supplies DIY

They write and paint like real ones! Lets have fun making miniature pencil and crayons with this tutorial. Hope you like it :-) ❤❤❤ Please, ask an adult for help to cut and use the cutter!!!

You can use it with dolls like Barbie, Hello Kitty, Monster High, Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse, My little Pony, Elsa and Anna (Frozen), Princesas Disney,... and all dolls with similar size.

In this video you will learn two ways to decorate your mini pencil and crayons.

¡Escriben y pintan como los de verdad! Diviértete creando esta miniatura de lápiz y pinturas a través de este tutorial. Espero que te guste :-) ❤❤❤ Por favor, pide ayuda a un adulto para cortar y usar el cutter!!
Download printables of this video here: